Resisting Violence and Suffering Concealed by Corruption Essay

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Humans are social creatures, which impinge and get affected by others. All our norms, values and attitudes are born and developed through direct and indirect communications that continuously connect people together. Throughout the history of human’s discrimination, hatred, manipulation and injustice on the basis of class, status and ethnicity has been a part of our society but we should never forget that we may also find meaning in life even when people around us treat a person according to his or her race and origin, when facing a fate that cannot be changed, than what matters is to bear witness to the uniquely human capacity to deal with these kind of people , which is to transform a personal tragedy into joy, to turn one's predicament…show more content…
Hakim Almasmari posted in Yemen post that medicines and drugs imported for public hospitals and health centers are sold in private pharmacies and hospitals (Yemen post). Due to this corruption for money people who cannot afford to buy medicines or pay fees suffer diseases and pain which is caused by them and people who are related to officials or upper class people get immediate attention (Yemen post) which leaves poor people discouraged and isolated from the society.
Isolation causes many affects like problem in interacting with people, trusting people, despair and hallucinations. As isolation comes in many forms, the effect varies from person to person. Forced isolation is the isolation that is involuntary, or against the will. Isolation in which an individual alienates himself or herself is considered self-inflicted. Both of these types have similar effects on an
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