Resolution Implementation Case Study

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Resolution Implementation: Actual implementation would vary from organization-to-organization, or from non-profit to for-profit. Each organizational entity would have contrasting Executive and management, or there are shareholders/stockholders that would have a profound impact in the developing course of action.
Additional, influences or variables that would have an impact would be aligning a school district and the local school board to form a partnership in the development of a Health Care Magnet School. Partnerships with a local college/ community college, or an accredited medical health care educational center would require contractual obligations that both parties would need to negotiate and finalize before implementation of an internship program.
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The implementation of a day care could be based on a mutually agreeable partnership with a day care business operation that would be willing to operate such a facility, or an internship program with graduate students from the local university with degrees in child care and early education.
All of the presented options would be based on acquiring approval from the Board of Directors and the blessings from shareholders/ or stakeholder that would agree to such proposals. Available and allocated capital would also be required, and the actual size of the organization would have a direct bearing on monetary resources available for such programs.
The world of business, to include health care is faced with a myriad of challenges. Recruitment and retention in a highly competitive environment, is an area that institutions are being confronted with to a greater degree than in previous generations. Consequently, no longer do individuals become employed by an organization and stay until their eventual retirement.
Recruitment and retention is paramount to meeting both the tactical or strategic goals of any organization.
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