Resolution Of Speech Therapy And Lip Reading

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Introduction: What if you find out a family member is or will one day be deaf? Imagine yourself not being able to communicate with them, or imagine your family member living their life without any sound running through their ear drums. Of course there are options! They have the option to receive a cochlear implant, where they may be able to hear some sound, but not all. There is also the option of speech therapy and lip reading, which can be a lot of work to continuously read lips. Or, they can learn to communicate with sign language. Sign language is a different form of communicating that uses visual gestures and signs. Sign language is the best way to communicate with other deaf people, or anyone if they learn and can speak sign…show more content…
At the age of around 19 months the average baby already has about 50 A parent can start signing to their baby at any age they feel would help them start to recognize things. Although a baby’s motor skills might not be ready at 6 months, introducing sign language to them at that age is a good idea so they can see it and get used to it. Then by the age of 9 months or so most babies start to try to replicate their parents’ hand motions. There is a significant difference in the time a baby starts to talk and when the baby can learn to sign simple needs to their parents. Most babies cry until they get what they want, but when a parent teaches their child how to sign food or hungry, they won’t have to deal with the loud screams of their children without knowing what they need. Not only that but, they will also feel closer to their child as they will be communicating with them before they normally could. Access: It wasn 't long ago when the deaf were harshly oppressed and denied even their fundamental rights. Abbe Charles Michel de L 'Epee established the first public free deaf school in 1771. Sign Language access is becoming easier and easier to get a hold of. ¨Sign language interpreters are often used in the classroom, for medical appointments, to facilitate on-the-job training, and during events such as conferences, meetings, and even concerts. The use of sign language interpreters allow
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