Reson: Making Development Teams Accountable for Short Project Cycles: Case Study

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Term Paper RESON: MAKING DEVELOPMENT TEAMS ACCOUNTABLE FOR SHORT PROJECT CYCLES: Case Study by XXXXX XXXXXX Professor XXXXXX XXXXXX University January 30, 2015 Content Company Background 2 Company’s Structure and Strategies 3 Specific Problems 3 RESON’s shared philosophy 4 Reson: All focus on time 5…show more content…
RESON’s multibeam sonar systems range from portable high-resolution shallow water systems used on autonomous underwater vehicles to full ocean depth vessel mounted oceanographic systems. Michael Brock, chairman of RESON. “We are very pleased with RESON’s success and believe that Teledyne will be a good owner for the business and will continue to deliver value to customers and partners, building on RESON’s strong brand and market position.” “RESON ideally complements both our marine instrumentation and digital imaging businesses, and will represent our third acquisition in the last twelve months focused on three dimensional imaging, the company pleased and excited to be joining Teledyne and to continue to develop our position in multibeam sonar solutions, and to become part of a leading group of marine instrumentation companies.” RESON is a market leader in underwater acoustic sensors, state-of-the-art multibeam sonar systems, transducers, hydrophones and software. RESON is industrial standard in areas for marine research and offshore operations, as well as within defense & security applications. The company headquarters is in Denmark, with subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, the United States, the Netherlands and Singapore. Company’s Structure and Strategy The company believes in creating a motivated culture

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