Resource Allocation in Hotels

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Resource Allocation in Hotels –Alternative Distribution Options The number of reservations flowing to hotels through the electronic and switchboard distribution channels – the Internet and reservation call centers – is growing steadily. Once a minor contributor of bookings, they are now primary business sources and grow more important with every passing month. This productivity growth has heightened emphasis throughout the hotel industry on using the electronic and switchboard distribution channels effectively and maximizing their potential. Every director of sales and marketing faces the challenge of understanding, prioritizing and managing these alternative outlets on behalf of his or her property. How important is this mode of…show more content…
To improve its presentation in the GDSs, a hotel has several options: • Ensure it is open and available for sale in the hotel or representation company’s central reservation system (CRS) since the GDSs reflect the availability and rate data in the CRS • Provide a full spectrum of public rates – rack, corporate, government / military, weekend and promotional • Participate in consortia and negotiated corporate rate programs • Ensure the room descriptions provided by the CRS to the GDSs are appealing, as well as accurate • Periodically review the property description to ensure its accuracy The property description is frequently the only resource a travel agent reads prior to recommending a hotel to a client. Copies of the property description that appears in the GDS to describe your hotel can be obtained from the GDS database department of your chain or representation company. Use that same opportunity to request, review and revise your hotel’s property description in the CRS. Two further levels of GDS participation and promotion are available, one free of charge, the other at a fee. In the first, no-cost bulletin boards are available in each of the GDSs for posting announcements about promotional rates, seasonal packages and important news about individual hotels. These bulletin board announcements can draw travel agents’ attention to special offers. The second level offers a wide

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