Resource Based View

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INTRODUCTION The mid-eighties witnessed the emergence of a growing body of work collectively labelled the resource and capability-based view of the firm (RBV). In reality, Resource Competence View (RCV) first adopted an “economic” orientation. Pioneer studies (Wernerfelt, 1984) , Barney, 1986, 1991, Dierickx and Cool, 1989, Peteraf, 1993) focused on the type of resources and competencies that could offer to its owner a sustainable competitive advantage. Therefore, resources and competencies approach first appeared as a theory of competitive advantage or a theory of “performance of the firm” (Argyres & Zenger, 2007). It is only recently, in the last 20 years that organizations have started using the resource based view approach on…show more content…
|Term |Definition |Example(Athletics) | |Strategic capacity |Ability to do what is |physical capacity | | |necessary to survive and |corresponding to the test | | |grow, with the resources |selected athletics | | |and organizational skills | | |Resources required |Resources necessary to fulfill the minimal |An athletic physique; Medical follow-up; | | |requirements of the customers and thus to be |Infrastructures of drive; Food and food | | |able to continue its activity |complements | |Skills required |Activities and processes which make it |individual training | | |possible to fulfill the minimal
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