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Another resource CSU-Global (2015) provides in the Career Center is the Career Preference Questionnaire, which allows students to step back and determine what is important at the end of the day. After filling out my questionnaire (Appendix B), I was able to understand what I am willing to tolerate within a career and what I am not. One example is that while I am willing to work over-time, I would rather avoid large cities. Understanding what I want out of the career basics lets me narrow down what kind of career I want to move towards in the future. Knowing what I am comfortable with (and what my team is as well) lets me know where the team dynamic stands. It also lets me place members within the team with counterparts that can help enable…show more content…
Assessments that help team members explain their styles and approaches, help open up communication lines, and build trust within the group should be undertaken. When this bond is strengthened throughout, it allows “that spirit of a shared vision despite our differences that holds us together through all hardship” (Dee, 2015, p. 34). This illustrates that no matter how difficult the task or tedious the work, if the bond and respect are present the team is more likely to succeed in their goals. With my persistence and loyalty to my team, I will continue to strive to improve this…show more content…
Questionnaire (Appendix D). This tool has allowed me to align an overall goal with a timeline of short term goals. What I like best about this tool is that it can be updated as my career goals evolve, but keeps my long-term and short-term goals connected. As we all know, what we are striving for today may shift as we progress down the path of tomorrow. Revisiting my goal lets me stay on track. Sometimes the only way to achieve a goal is by revisiting how I plan to get there.
My Career Path My chosen profession may shift, but I have come to understand that my existence with leadership will always be a constant and that it is up to me to make it the best that it can. Communication and commitment to improving my skillsets and style will help me mold my leadership abilities. Remembering to use my strengths of loyalty, persistency, and strong work ethic will enable me to lead my team by example. Most importantly, knowing that giving respect to those within my world is the only way I will earn it in return. Continual communication and persistence in bettering leadership will make me become a stronger and better-rounded leader throughout my
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