Resource Depletion And Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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Lifecycle Analysis
The content of analysis will examine paper. It will look at the harvesting of the materials, production, distribution, and finally the waste. This lifecycle analysis is to explain a consumer product’s life from production to waste. This is to show the environmental effects that the products has during its life time. A few of the environmental impacts that will be focused on is resource depletion and greenhouse gas emissions. These were chosen because of the chain reaction they can cause. Greenhouse gases are known to be linked to climate change, which is a global problem so the impacts of these emissions are on a very large scale. Resource depletion is another problem because more than one species rely on forest. Therefore, the depletion of it is not only bad to humans but the other organisms that use it for their survival. If this resource was to be completely used up, then it could lead to a loss of biodiversity which could be bad for the local ecosystem. In addition, since some ecosystems are linked together the loss of one could have a huge effect on another causing a domino effect. LCA Inventory Trees are a good source of paper; there are other materials that can work but for the scope of this paper I’ll only focus on trees. As described in figure 1, the first step is to harvest the trees. To do this, usually heavy machinery or chainsaws are employed to do the cutting. But this process…
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