Resource Management At Apple Inc.

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Resource Management Resource management is another interesting and important topic in the business of various organizations engaged in the manufacturing and sale of goods and service. Several organizations in the technology industry have managed to make investments in this industry, and thus it is important to monitor the use of various resources to avoid wastage. Resource management is currently considered as a strategy that is focused on reducing the cost of production and thus reducing the cost of products in the market; important in influencing customers to buy the product. The resources that are managed in an organization include human skills, financial resources, information technology, inventory and production resources. Through resource management, Apple Inc. is able to utilize its resources well and avoid wastage in order to achieve increased product development and ultimately increased market share. According to Allison and Hobbs (2010: pp 590-602), resource management more especially the human capital is critical in ensuring there is increased productivity and performance of the organization in the market. Apple Inc. operations management ensures the employees are well managed and motivated with the focus on increasing efficiency and effectiveness in their operations to increase service delivery in an organization. The human capital resource can be enhanced in an organization through increased training and investments in educational facilities to increase their
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