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Hello, All of the resources I used were maps. Due to the interactive nature of some of them, they can also fit into the categories of multi-media files, graphical representation, visuals and real time communication Thanks.Maps
Map Maker is a great resource for a diverse student population, primarily because it is an internet based resource that provides a great deal of flexibility. It allows students to see cities and towns, counties, states and major highways that all pertain to the United States (No author, no date). For early childhood learners (who are not in the third grade) this resource may be too sophisticated. Hearing impaired learners will find use in this source since it is not about hearing. Gifted and talented students will like the degree of specificity this map has. Visually impaired students will be able to use this source since it will be right in front of them on a computer. Behaviorally challenged students might have the tendency to be distracted by the autonomy afforded by this source. Learning disabled and English Language Learners should benefit from the proper usage of grammar and spelling on this source. State Shapes Mapping Game is helpful for a diverse population of students because it allows them to connect shapes to ideas and names of state. Early childhood learners will benefit from the application of shapes they are learning (No author, 2012). Hearing impaired students will not have their learning difference affected, visually impaired

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