Resource and Capability

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Business Report Part-B


1 Executive Summary 03

2 Resource Demands 04 2.1 Financial Resources 2.2 Human Resources 04 2.3 Physical Resources 05 2.3.1 Location 05 2.3.2 Technological Resources 05 2.3.3 Marketing 06 2.3.4 Infrastructure Resources 06 2.4 Intangible Resources 06 2.4.1 Brand 07 2.4.2 Reputation 07 2.4.3 Goodwill 07 2.4.4 Organizational Values 07 2.5 Value Chain Analysis 07

3 Resource Availability 09

4 Business Goals 11

5 Key Tasks 13 5.1 Customer
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[pic] (Business information demand, 2011)

Physical resources, human resources, financial resources and Intangible resources are identified. Infrastructure, information technology, location and marketing are physical resources. Organizational values, culture, reputation and brand consist of intangible resources.

2.1 Financial Resources: Financial resources are one of the important requirements for starting up business. On need to identify the funds for current and future requirements for smooth business operations. Business owners main focus area is to meet different financial constrains occurring during business startup. Adequate financial arrangements for initial business operations and proper strategic planning to meet all future requirements are to be made before starting operations. (Weinrauch & Mann, n.d). Safedocs capital investment is arranged by owner and balance amount arranged as bank loans. Initial investment calculated approximately $ 280000 including registration, office building, information technology, insurance premium, manpower cost and other operational costs

2. Human Resources: The purpose is to provide human resource requirement solution to meet business requirement that can support present and future functional demands of organization. Resources requirements includes manpower for management, control, training, development and operational requirement. Identify human resource requirement for
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