Resourceing Talent

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CONTENT PAGE 1. Introduction 2. Factors that affect an organisations approach to attracting talent 2.1 Internal Factors 2.2 External Factors 3. Organisational benefits of attracting and retaining a diverse work force 3.1 Benefits 3.1.1 Enchances a diverse customer base and shareholder value 3.1.2 Need to comply with legislative requirement 3.1.3 Enchances additional knowledge, ideas and experience 4. Factors that affect an organisations approach to recruitment and selection 4.1 Attracting a wider range of applicants 4.2 Time . 4.3 Budget and Cost Constraits 5. Recruitment Authorization Request 6. Conclusion 7. Bibliography 1 Introduction A critical success in today’s competitive economy is directly…show more content…
(Ken Charnley 2010) There are factors that affect an organisations decision and approach in recruiting and selecting the best candidate for the job. 4.1 Attracting a wider range of applicants Organisation might need to attract a wider range of applicants using recruitment methods that will achieve greater results. External Advertsing is used as a selection method. It will help create awareness of job opportunities in the speciifed field of intrest. Advertising will keep a competetive edge over competetitors as more advertisments attract best of the job seekers. 4.2 Time . Organisations might need to fill a position immediately also known as a temporary placement. Recruitment Agencies have a large pool of suitable candidates. 4.3 Budget and Cost Constraits Organisations might have budget and cost constraits which mean that they might use alternative and cheaper selection methods. For example they might use an interview instead of an assessment center. 5 Recruitment Authorization Request Title of New or Vacant Post Human Resources Officer Grade of Post 5 Division/Department Human Resources Department Permanent or Fixed Term? Permanent Full-time or Part-time? Full time Is this a New Post or a Replacement? New
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