Resources:After The Initial Planning For A New Business

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Resources: After the initial planning for a new business case has begun, management should begin creating a list of required resources. Planning of resources is usually initiated in phase two of the project plan life cycle and involves identifying main types of assets that may be needed during the project build. At the start of the resource gathering phase, all known resources may not be available while unknown resources may not yet be identified. A helpful tool that can be used to effectively manage and identify the resources is a resource allocation plan. The resource plan can be used to describe the types of resources needed and when they are to be used. Three main types of resources that can be included on the resource plan are…show more content…
Staff: One of the most critical resources used in the development process of an information system are the project members. A project can have several individuals whose jobs may vary throughout the build lifecycle. No one project will be the same and depending upon the size of the job may require the use of different member roles. Each staff member should be assigned a job, with a description of pre-defined tasks and responsibilities. The author Booch et al., (2007), provides a substantial list of development roles, which may include: “Project manager, Integration manager, Project architect, Component lead, Application engineer, System administrator, Reuse engineer, Tool-smith, Documenter, Quality assurance, Analysts, Release manager, Configuration manager, Version manager, Software programmers, and legal consultants”, (p. 311, para. 2). The author Booch et al., (2007), also suggests that, “Staff members can be further divided into smaller more organized groups such as: “management team, development team, architect team and engineer team”, (p. 309, para. 4). A goal of assigning staff members job roles, is to reduce confusion of work related tasks. Outsourcing: Depending upon the size and complexity of the project each development phase may require the use of more materials and staff. In the article Object-Oriented Analysis in the Real World, the author Michael, Lee, (1999), further substantiates the values of
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