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Resourcing Talent

Report – Findings
This report will look at Talent Planning in organisations. Talent Planning describes an organisation’s commitment to recruit, retain, and develop talented employees to meet current and future organisational needs. It focuses on recruitment, ensuring the right people are attracted to the organisation.

Factors that affect an organisation’s approach to attracting talent:
There are a number of factors that affect an organisation’s approach to attracting talent, one of them being the image of the organisation. This has a great influence on attracting talent. An organisation with a good image may find it easier to attract and retain employees. The image of the company is based on what they do and
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HR planning is also a key factor affecting the approach to recruitment and selection. HR planning and the recruitment and selection process are highly related to each other. The objective of recruitment is decided in HR planning. It allows HR managers to do an analysis of the organisational needs. An example of this could be the organisational strategy may determine the need for graduates in a graduate scheme to change the organisational structure for which they will ask the HR function to conduct a recruitment and selection process for hiring graduates only.

Benefits of different recruitment and selection methods:
There are a number of methods an organisation can use to recruit staff. Recruitment agencies are an effective tool as they save valuable management time and they can also decrease the administratve load for the organisation, and it removes a lot of stress and hassle. Another benefit is that there are agencies that may specialise in your field.
Internal recruitment is another method used. It is cheaper and may be quicker to recruit. Another advantage is existing employees are already familiar with the business and how it operates. It also provides opportunities for promotion within the organisation which can be motivating for staff, and they are aware of the strengths and weaknesses of internal candidates.
The internet is now a popular recruitment method that comes with many
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