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Talent Planning in Organisations CIPD, 2012 defines resourcing and talent planning as “Ensuring that the organisation is able to identify and attract key people with the capability to create competitive advantage and that it actively manages an appropriate balance of resource to meet changing needs, fulfilling the short and long-term ambitions of the organisation strategy.” There are many different factors that affect organisation’s approach to attracting talent. One factor is an expansion of the organisation. When an organisation expands, planning is vital as they do not want to end up with too much knowledge and skills in one area while not enough in another. Skill shortage is another factor that affects organisational approach to…show more content…
Agencies are often used to employ temporary staff. A benefit of using employment agencies is that they are able to recruit people quickly as they already have many people looking for work on their books and they can sift out suitable applicants with the necessary qualifications or experience easily without the organisation having to look through many CV’s or application forms. A less common way of recruiting is through specialist selection consultants. This way is mostly used to recruit people into higher level specialist roles which can be often hard to recruit. The benefit of using a consultant to recruit is similar to that of an employment agency except that the calibre of the people that consultants deal with is those of more specialist roles which are hard to recruit to. After advertising a position the next step is the selection process. After shortlisting suitable candidates for the vacancy the organisation can use various selection methods to find the right person for the vacancy. The most common selection process is an interview. The interview is a chance for the applicant to sell themselves and for the organisation to learn more about the applicant as the information on application forms and CV’s are limited. A benefit of interviewing is to see how the applicant responds under pressure and on the spot. Another selection process is assessment centres. These are often a full day of tests and activities designed to test the skills and abilities of

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