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Task 2 * A review of three different recruitment methods that can be used, and when it is appropriate to use them. * A review of three different selection methods that can be used, and when it is appropriate to use them. * A job description for this role * A person specification for this role * An advertisement for this role. * A list of criteria that you would use to short list a person for this role (these must be derived from the job description and person specification.
Recruitment Methods:
Some recruiting processes offer many advantages as well as disadvantages.
One internal and two external ways that I could recruit for this role are through an internal employee Job board (hiring within the company),
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Depending on the nature of the job, these tasks may include individual or group work, written and/or oral input and written and/or oral outputs on the day such as in-tray exercises, analytical work, individual problem solving, group discussions, group problem solving, tasks which match business activities, personal role-play and functional role-play.
CIPD’s viewpoint - There should be a number of senior observers/selectors to ensure greater objectivity through a range of views. Selectors must be trained to observe record, classify and rate behaviour, and seek evidence accurately and objectively against the job description and person specification. Selectors preferably should also have had some training on interviewing skills and in managing diversity, and have good listening skills.

CIPD – Factsheet – Selection methods – (Cited 28/2/2012 and 3/03/2012) Accessed via Martin, Whiting & Jackson 5th Edition - Human Resource Practice – Recruitment & Selection – Assessment Centres Pg 140

The Job description:
Department: Inbound Call Centre
Job Title: Call Centre Operator
Reporting to: Call Centre Manager
Key Internal Relationships: Operations Director, Call Centre Manager, Call Centre Team Leader, Sales Manager, Finance, Human Resources

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