Resourcing and Talent Planning

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Activity 1

Four Factors that affect an Organisations approach to attracting talent and recruitment and selection

1. Skills Shortages 2. Costs / budgets 3. Lengthy recruitment and selection process 4. Economic Climate

Skills shortages
This is a strong factor for an organisation at the moment when trying to attract and recruit talent into a business. The unemployment rate in 2012 has grown significantly; however, even though quantity of applications has increased when recruiting, the quality has decreased. I feel this is based largely around the current economic climate. A lot of ‘skilled and talented’ individuals appear to be staying in their current roles for job security, which is causing a huge skills gap for
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This can increase business performance as companies would more than likely want to work with organisations who promote this rather than companies who don’t. Companies may also get more out of their employees as they would feel valued as individuals and respect their colleagues.

2, Having a diverse workforce would very much benefit multinational organisations as it would help businesses understand the diverse area they are operating in. In the current climate businesses need to be able to understand the needs and demands of the diverse customers they are today working with. Having a diverse workforce can definitely help with this as you will have people with different types of experiences to be able to adapt to the needs of the customer.

3. The cost of turnover can also be less with an organisation who promotes a diverse workforce. People who are valued and happy in their jobs will be less likely to want to leave or have time off absent from work.

Three methods of recruitment

Corporate Website
A lot of larger organisations use their own website to advertise positions. As long as the website is attractive then this is also a good way to advertise the business and promote the benefits. It is more cost effective than advertising through job boards
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