Respect For Registered Nurses

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If we polled a room full of registered nurses and asked why they chose their profession the majority would probably state because the care about the wellbeing of others. Registered nurses must act as a promoter for patient partnership practices in daily care (Marquis &Huston, 2015).According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing when considering patient care six areas should be considered: respect for patient preferences and values, physical comfort, care coordination, education, emotional support and family participation. This is an analysis of each area incorporating my experience as a labor and delivery nurse. Respect for patient values includes involving patients in plan of care. The plan should be based on a patients personal…show more content…
This is a process of bringing people and resources together for continuity of care (Barnsteiner,Dish& Walton,2014). Penny Shaw, 2014 stated during you tube video, care should be “person directed… I think everyone who is alert, and every person who has a proxy who is actively involved-we should be making [the] decisions." Care coordination takes place when a hypertensive mother or low birth weight infant is offered a newborn home visit after discharge.
Education should be provided at a level easy for patient comprehension. Education needs to be provided in a manner where the patient can trust what they are being told (AACN, 2013).New mothers are given numerous sources of unsolicited advice. It is essential postpartum nurse follow hospital directed education materials. Emotional support involves investigating any underlying sources of stress or anxiety. Labor is stressful. A major role of nurses is supporting people during periods of distress and suffering ( Sawbridge &Hewison, 2013). A nurse addressing a mom’s specific concern during and after birth with open communication often alleviates
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