Respect's Role In A Functional Classroom

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For a functional classroom, respect must play a large role. While there are many aspects of respect, three major roles needed are respect of students, respect of teachers, and respect of property. First, in a functional classroom there must be a respect of the students from the teacher. As according to Dr. Seuss, “A person’s a person no matter how small.” By respecting their students, a teacher is more likely to have a positive response in their classroom environment, leading to less classroom issues and adversity. Without these issues, a class is less likely to be distracted by inter-student issues, and more likely to be able to pay attention, as there is less distraction present. This makes the teacher’s life easier, as the easier a class is to control, the less stress is brought …show more content…

A teacher is an elder and figure of authority to all students, and deserve and need to be treated as such. By not respecting their teacher, students are less likely to get a valuable education, as instead of being able to focus their time, attention, and resources on educating their students, they instead have to focus these valuable qualities on trying to control their students and keep them in line. Even if only a few students cause problems, this still harms the entire class, as teachers still have to take the same class time to stop other students’ misbehavior, which is beyond unfair to the students that are behaving in an orderly and respectful manner. Finally, there must be respect for the classroom environment. While a chain of inter-respecting persons is a start, if the students do not respect their environment- vandalizing desks, writing in textbooks, playing in their phones, etc., their learning experience will be cut short, and more permanent damage can harm the learning of succeeding students, as many times, especially in public schools, most resources are reused and are not personal

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