Respiratory Motion Monitoring Device

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It is very important that respiratory motion monitoring device function accurately to allow applying the correct dose to the patient by the therapy device. If the device were to perform inaccurately, the subject may receive more than or less than the amount required for radiation treatment, which at the end can be considered harm either way. Very little of the radiation will not successfully kill the target cells, and too much of the radiation can harm cells outside of the target area and put the subject at further risk. To avoid this, careful calibration of the device must be taken into consideration. During the process of calibration, using a phantom instead of a live subject to monitor the radiation treatment as the phantom moves. A phantom is a device used for simulating the effect of radiation on a target tissue area, and is made up of similar compounds to that of the human body. An oscillating pump can be implanted into the…show more content…
For example, the monitoring device and accompanying tools will easily detect the movements of breathing and account for it during radiation treatment. However, uncontrolled movements inevitably will result in undesired circumstances. If the subject encounters a cough attack, the entire body shifts due to the forced compression and expansion of the lungs. This can dangerously move the subject’s radiation target area, and so the laser tape measure can be calibrated to perform an emergency shutdown of the treatment to ensure the safety of the subject. This threshold can be set by the technician or physician attending the subject. Also, subjects undergoing radiation treatments might feel nervousness or anxiety. This can cause the subject to shake or breathe abnormally, which can also endanger them. These factors can be dealt with by the emergency shutdown, and the treatment can resume when the attendant sees that the subject’s safety is
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