Respiratory Therapy : A Vast Amount Of Recognition

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In recent years respiratory therapy has gained a vast amount of recognition. According to "The Bureau of Labor Statistics", the employment of respiratory therapists is projected to grow nineteen percent over the next seven years. Along with increasing advancements in technology and medical research, there is also an ever increasing demand for respiratory therapists worldwide. Breathing is something that every individual must do, however, there are sometimes altercations in doing so, and this is where respiratory therapy comes into effect. In order to learn more about this topic, I enrolled into a Writing and Research course at my college. Upon taking this course, I had the pleasure of shadowing a couple of respiratory therapists at…show more content…
Respiratory therapists are now academically trained and are able to practice at a vast number of facilities and care units. People seeking careers in this field are currently required to earn, at least, an associate 's degree from an accredited program. However, respiratory therapists with advanced degrees are open to more opportunities. My first observation in this particular field was at Druid City Hospital in Northport, AL. I learned a lot about the field of respiratory therapy and what respiratory therapists go through on a daily basis. A respiratory therapist by the name of Shyneice was my preceptor during my time spent there. In other words, she showed me the ropes. Not only did she inform me about non-invasive, invasive and diagnostic procedures, she also showed me how to perform some of these particular processes. I was also taught how to organize and store medicine correctly, give treatments, record a patient 's information, and how to use a ventilator properly. I was able to witness my preceptor treat patients in both the Intensive Care Unit and Progressive Care Unit. There were many different patients with various conditions. Throughout my experience at the hospital I was able to see my preceptor interact with her patients. She informed me on what to expect when working in a hospital and how to care for
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