Respiratory Therapy Essay

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The Path of Respiratory Therapy Introduction About a year ago, I came home from work one night and walked into the kitchen to where my mother was standing. There was a feeling of uneasiness and the panic began to clench my stomach. She looked so sad, so stressed; maybe it was the frizzy hair, the bags beneath her eyes, the way her back slouched in a low negative curve, or her eyes. Her eyes looked at me before she turned them away, but in that fragment of a second, it’s almost like I could look inside her narrow eyes and search until I would come upon this thing. This thing has no name, but it scares her. She wouldn’t exactly explain to me what it was but I felt the sudden movements of uncertainty with the way she shifted her body and…show more content…
Whether working here or in a different state, hospitals are always in need of medical help. As people become elderly, it is essential for them to breathe to stay alive; that is where the necessity of respiratory therapists comes in. Job Description Respiratory therapists eat, sleep, and work mainly in hospitals. It is common to work in nursing homes or even travel to patients’ homes. From the time babies are born to the adults reaching old age, they assist anyone who has breathing difficulties. Typically, RT’s interview/examine patients, perform diagnostic tests, treat patients, monitor/record the progress of treatment and teach patients how to use treatments (“Occupational Outlook Handbook”). The environment in which they work in is extremely clean to prevent patients from catching bugs that can put their health in more danger. Though the salary ranges from state to state, Indiana’s respiratory therapists are able to make around $50,000 a year (“Occupational Outlook Handbook”). Depending on the shifts that are worked, therapists can make a bit more by working on holidays and even night shifts since hospitals are always open. Qualifications The more education experienced, the greater chance applicants will successfully obtain the job of a respiratory therapist. At minimum, an associate’s degree is needed. Many colleges and universities, vocational-technical institutes, and the Armed Forces offer training-most
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