Essay on Respone to Literature: The Fellowship of The Ring

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               Response to Literature
     In all genres and styles of writing, character dependencies are developed. The good guy always depends on his friends, the bad guy never depends on anything except evil. Such dependencies are developed in JRR Tolkien’s Fellowship of The Ring. The most prevalent of these is the one between Bilbo and Frodo Baggins. These two characters are brought together and bonded in a variety of ways.
     Frodo was always fascinated and interested in Bilbo’s telling of experiences and adventures he has had, tales which he by no means hesitates to share.
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Gandalf helps him prepare for this trip and Bilbo leaves in front of the entire town at his own birthday party. Everybody is confused because the way in which he disappeared was magical, through the assistance of a special ring of power. Before Bilbo departs he leaves the ring to Frodo. Later, Gandalf informs Frodo that he must take a quest to The Crack of Doom to destroy the ring before a dark enemy is able to obtain it and add it to the other rings which he has already acquired giving him absolute power.
     Even through out this journey which was endlessly wearisome and packed with traumatic events, Frodo feels the need for the presence of Bilbo. This feeling expressed is expressed in a pivotal point in the novel. Frodo is in the recovery process from an injury inflicted by an evil blade wielded by the enemy, he is telling the tale to Gandalf, then he says;
     “Dear Bilbo! I wonder where he is. I wish he was here and could hear all about it. It would have made him laugh.”
-Page 218
This tells us that even when Frodo was nearly at death’s door, he still longs for Bilbo, meaning that he is as a father figure to Frodo and he wants him to be there to comfort him in this time.
     In the process of all this, a second very strong character dependency is developed, one between Frodo and Gandalf. Frodo

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