Responsabilites that are Required from an Individual Essay

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From past to present human beings have been living under determined laws and patterns and consequently the state exists necessarily. It has particular responsibilities such as promoting the welfare of the individual or protecting citizens from jeopardy toward the citizens who live in there. However, these responsibilities are not unilateral. In other words, as a member of community, although the citizens have a certain privileges, there are also liability that are required from citizens toward the state. There are three main responsibilities that are required from each individual to be a good citizen: Civic responsibilities, cultural responsibilities and moral responsibilities.
First of all, a good citizen is required to fulfill civic responsibilities which are personal and participatory responsibilities. Before anything else, we must ask ourselves a very important question in order to clarify necessity of these responsibilities: Why we need these kind of obligation? Cannot we live without these rules? The answer is no, of course. Every people lives in a certain society and we must establish rules to institute a regular community. That is why we must obey the rules. Personal responsibilities include paying taxes and serving in military which are obligatory responsibilities for all citizens. A good citizen pay his taxes regularly because the state needs taxes in order to render service like better living conditions to citizens. David (2004) claims that The personally…