Response Criticism Of There 's No Help By Michael Drayton

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Reader-Response Criticism The sonnet “Since There 's No Help” is a single example of Michael Drayton 's work, yet it has been considered the one sonnet responsible for plucking Drayton from obscurity. Many are of the opinion this was his one and only sonnet that reached the highest level of poetic feeling and the effect allows the audience to suffer alongside the writer. This poem is written in what is called the traditional Shakespearian sonnet form, which consists of fourteen lines of iambic pentameter. Yet some are of the opinion that this sonnet can be split into the traditional three quatrains and a rhyming couplet to finish it off. However, it is not the pentameter or the rhyming which gives this sonnet its raw emotions, but…show more content…
302). Everyone has had those moments at the end of a relationship we thought was special, where we try to act like we never cared, but like our author we try to hide the pain we feel. Through this affect the implied reader, along with the author, lie to themselves and their former lover that they do not care that this is over because greener pastures await and one is better off being single. In the second stanza we see that he is not really happy with this outcome, instead he is trying to convince himself that he wants this as well. The author speaks as if a simple hand shake signals the barter agreed upon and everything is done. Poof! You’re free of your emotional bonds and they never will bother you again. “The reader’s prior knowledge and experience is nevertheless paramount in.. reading…. the reader focuses on the quality of emotions, ideals, situations and characters and formulates the response on the basis thereof “ (Demény, 2012 p.53). Everyone has a similar subjective response to running into ‘The Ex’ for the first time at a party and it is never easy. But for our author, it will be a breeze; he is just going to pretend it never happened. They should never let it be “seen in either of our brows” (7) that they once a “former love retain” (8). They should never show any emotion or affection to each other in public. Instead it will be
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