Response Essay 1: Doctor Faustus

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Response Essay 1: Doctor Faustus In Marlowe’s “The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus”, he tells a story of a man who “bids farewell to each of his studies – logic, medicine, law, and divinity – something he has used up” (The Norton Anthology 500). Faustus chooses to leave his studies to pursue knowledge in black magic. Faustus believes “A sound magician is a mighty god” (500). In his efforts to learn more about black magic, he in turn sells his soul to the devil. Faustus could repent his sins at any time; however he chooses to not upset the devil and Mephastophilis and spends eternity in hell. Faustus grew up always studying logic, medicine, law, and divinity. He became bored with his studies so he decides to leave what he has done…show more content…
There was never a “point of no return” in Faustus’ progress toward damnation. Faustus allowed the devils that surrounded him, Lucifer and Mephastopilies, to get in his head and make him believe he had gone too far down the road to damnation. Faustus had a good angel trying to convince him to repent his sins and turn back to God, but Faustus would not listen. He felt too consumed by those that surrounded him. Those which were bad influences made sure they were always by his side so he did not have the time to repent and avoid damnation. Mephastopiles entices Faustus with trips around. They try to show Faustus how fun magic can be so he would not want to turn away and go back to his old studies. Faustus does not use his powers for the things he originally intended and in turn uses them for more petty reasons. He uses his powers to please himself and trivial requests of others. He played tricks on people and does things that seem almost childlike with his powers. It is hard to believe someone would be willing to spend a life of damnation for such pettiness. The devils had to be very convincing for Faustus to believe he was at a “point of no return” since no sin is too big to ask for repentance. At any point up to the very last minute, he could have asked God for forgiveness. However, it seems in the end Faustus was a broken man and accepted his fate. Doctor Faustus was living the good life until he became bored with his everyday routine. He left

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