Response For Flowers For Algernon

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Daniel Keyes, the author of Flowers For Algernon created a story that is not so common in the real world, the increasing of your I.Q with just a scientific experiment. It’s beyond human power and knowledge but it would most likely to happen in the far future, in Flowers For Algernon we have the main character, Charlie, a mentally disabled man that had went through a scientific experiment where it had increased his intelligence by a lot and is now learning new emotions and feelings he never had before. Since it’s all so new to him it’s like a rollercoaster of emotions for him especially when he’s mad or when he doesn’t know how to express his feelings in words. Before his I.Q had increased he would be used as an entertainment system to his co-workers, they would tease him and make fun of him because of his mental disability but since he didn’t understand what they were doing to him he…show more content…
In the story he had gotten closer and closer to Ms.Kinnian but since I only read half of the story it didn’t seem like it had talked about his and Ms.Kinnan’s relationship much. Ever since he had the operation he seems to get more mature each progress and the people around him, his peers, are also changing as he changes. He got more mature, Ms.Kinnan fell for him, and in the story his “friends” also changed at the ending because they gotten nicer and treated him and defended him as a actually friend. Most likely because he had lost all of his intelligence at the end and had gotten a lower I.Q than he had started off with. Since this story had so much to do with friendships and emotions I’ve found that this story had lots of theme but one of the theme I’ve found was “The way you change, will also change the people around you” I had picked this theme because the way he changed had a lot of affect around him, maybe it’s because he’s the main
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