Response On The Novel ' Death And Fear And Regret '

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Response # 1 authors note
1. Why do you think the author says that “murder, adultery and various other immoral or criminal activates” are more common in literature aimed at teens?
a. People like to learn from these stories about the bad and what types of out comes it can have on people
Response # 2  pages 6-11
1. The narrator of this story Denise Shipley says “violence comes in many different forms- guns, fists, and words of hate and contempt”. Explain what you think she might mean by this?
a. I think Denise Shipley is saying there are more ways to hurt someone than using a weapon. It can also be physical contact like punching, kicking, pushing or rape. It can also be threats of violence making you feel unsafe and vulnerable from
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It seemed like he had a good in life except the family issue. But he might feel alone or the blame of some things in the family setting that he has one parent now he might hiding his feeling from the overprotective mom and he could not except help from the psychologist he hides it in games and social media.
Response # 4  pages 17-24
1. Give a detailed description (physically and emotionally) of Brendan and his life experiences based on what others say about him.
a. In Springfield he was like the cool kid and popular he was smart funny good athlete. He can make anyone feel bad about themselves. He was thee bully and he was liked for it. He was talkative and had things done on time. He was good at expressing himself. He was temperamental when things don’t go his way fairly. He was liked. He ether liked something and give it all he got or didn’t like it and just be careless. He was not a relaxed kid he was a little on edge, a little wary. He was always thinking even when having a good time. He would have no gray area in emotions he is either good or bad. Bad as he would go ballistic and good to having a good time. (same with emotion) he is not cooperative about doing things he does not want to do. Now he is unhappy from the move
Response # 5  pages 11-24
1. What clues could you pull from these pages that might indicate there might be a troubled future for Brendan and Gary?
a. They relate to each other in a bad way through there bad
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