Response On The Novel ' Death And Fear And Regret '

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Response # 1 authors note
1. Why do you think the author says that “murder, adultery and various other immoral or criminal activates” are more common in literature aimed at teens?
a. People like to learn from these stories about the bad and what types of out comes it can have on people
Response # 2  pages 6-11
1. The narrator of this story Denise Shipley says “violence comes in many different forms- guns, fists, and words of hate and contempt”. Explain what you think she might mean by this?
a. I think Denise Shipley is saying there are more ways to hurt someone than using a weapon. It can also be physical contact like punching, kicking, pushing or rape. It can also be threats of violence making you feel unsafe and vulnerable from harassment or getting in the wrong groups that don’t fit your believes. He also states “heart break and fear and regret” is a warning that violence comes in many different ways.
Response # 3  pages 11-24
1. Give a detailed description (physically and emotionally) of Gary and his life experiences based on what others say about him.
a. Gary was a quiet kid who kept to himself, he was friendly and had an interest to talk about magic cards and video games and what he saw on tv with his friend Ryan Clancy. He lived with an overprotective mom and a divorce with a bad way and he has felt he was being used by her. Gary seems to be somewhere else and becoming distant from people. He be talking to multiple people online. He was a smart good at…

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