Response Paper : ' A Deep Into The Amazon Rainforest '

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Yanomamӧ Response Paper
Traveling deep into the Amazon rainforest, Napoleon Chagnon, lived amongst the Yanomamӧ tribes that occupied the land on the border of Brazil and Venezuela. In doing so he was able to write an ethnography about his observations and interpretations of the culture and human behaviors of the Yanomamӧ people. From his studies, Chagnon found that the Yanomamӧ have always been one of the most violent culture, who are always living in chronic warfare, often over women, so they can maximize their reproductive success and be honorable in their society. I agree with Chagnon in a sense, but also believe the Yanomamӧ are violent with reason and are less violent than industrialized nations, who have contributed to their increase in violence. Chagnon believes the Yanomamӧ to be violent people, who are always participating in some form of ferocious activity. From the beginning all Yanomamӧ boys are taught to be fierce, just like their male relatives. They grow up seeing it everywhere from shooting arrows to chest pounding, to side-slapping and club fights. They look at it like they are suppose to grow up to be just like their elders, being fierce wherever they go and never backing down. “Sometimes the children will be organized by older men, who teach them how to go on raids” (133). Violence is instilled in the younger members of the Yanomamӧ from the very beginning. In Yanomamӧ culture, the more violent men who have killed more people tend to have more wives.

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