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De-Aundra C. Kerby October 13, 2016 SOC 211 Response Paper: Ain’t no Makin’ It I grew up in an “urban area” on the East side of Chicago. I would say that peer pressure is pretty much on every corner. I attended the neighborhood high school which was predominately black. Unfortunately, majority of my high school classmates did drugs such as marijuana, pills, (ecstasy, molly, Xanax) drank alcohol, engaged in sexual activities and created their own forms of “lean” which is a drink made from promethazine and codeine. Most students ditched class or just didn’t show up at all. I feel as though my high school had a mix of “hallway hangers” and “brothers” except all of the same race end economic backgrounds. The peer pressure was and still is really high in my neighborhood, but I’ve seen for myself the dangers and consequences that came from engaging in those acts, which made me want to take a different route and not “experiment” or be a part of “the in crowd”. I believe that education is not a luxury, but a need in this country. Some students in my high school viewed school as “something to do” (or not to do). It seemed to me they didn’t have a willingness to conform to society’s rules and instead rebelled which more than likely led them on a path of destruction. However, I honestly cannot place blame on just the students in relation to expectations. Urban area schools and students tend to have fewer resources which may give students a sense of hopelessness or an illusion behind

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