Response Paper 'The Princeton Review Career Quiz'

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For this response paper I took The Princeton Review Career Quiz. The purpose of this assessment is to help individual see what career option is the best fit. Even though this assessment does not lead us to our jackpot career it gives us an idea in the path we may end up by evaluating our interest and personality. I remember taking this assessment when I was in high school and almost a decade year later I’m doing another one in m graduate year. Overall, I am excited re-taking this assessment to visualize whether or not I’m moving into the right direction based on this assessment.
I took the Princeton Review Career Quiz on!quizresult_4230337_quizResultsTab website. This assessment is consisting of a 24 multiple-choice questionnaire that best fit your personality and way of thinking. The assessment took
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It’s beneficial because there is some points that did explain the type of person I am and what profession that works best for me. So far in my career, I think that I’m more a yellow category. As a caseworker my work ethics demand me to be organize, managing, structured, and controlled. I think that overall this assessment chooses Red as where career wise is best for me. Looking at the numerous career options I see maybe few that I would consider seeing myself working at. For example, being a chef is definitely something I considered. I enjoy cooking and at times I wished I went into the culinary field at an earlier age.
This assessment did test what its supposed test such as the measurement measure the claim. The only discrepancy I have with the assessment is the last part when it chose red as my career options. Maybe, it’s correct too because I do have regrets in not trying to pursue my culinary skills. There are probably potential biases in this assessment but I think that it did a great job figuring out my style and interest based on the answers I
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