Response To 'Diffusion Of Responsibility'

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The Barrier I have chosen from this week is. They could not afford to give a larger donation. Within the passage I was very reluctant to see how Peter would argue this one. however, he did not disappoint in chapter 4, two point's was made that really stood out to me, the first is "Diffusion of Responsibility"." That we are much less likely to help if the responsibility of helping dose not rely entirely on us". Sing mentioned in the book the horrible story of Kitty Genovese, how 38 heard or saw the murder but have done nothing to help. in this case all people had to do was pick up the phone and report it, however no one did. The other argument made was "the sense of fairness" that no one like to be the one cleaning up after everyone else stands around. The highlight for me was the the Question 55 "Imagine writing your first big cheque to UNICEF or Oxfam, and running into your neighbours coming back from the Caribbean, looking relaxed and tanned, telling you about their great adventures sailing and scuba diving. Personally i know how I would feel jealous; but sing made a really good point here, are we as humans willing to receive less so others can receive more. If I say yes to this question I would be a lier, the sense of fairness is something I grapple with before giving. This in my opinion and good argument, or explanation of why people believe "they can't afford to give a larger donation".…show more content…
Thinking of the other things I can do with the money, and others wants I can fulfill; such as new weather shoes or the latest trends. Sing makes really good argument, within the book that is very successful in having me re-think my approach, to
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