Response To George Orwell's 1984

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Erich Fromm states that 1984 serves as a warning for future generations. It warns of what will come if we continue trade our free will -the very essence of what makes us human- for advancements in technology unless we attempt to prevent it. Today, we are throwing George Orwell's warning aside. We are slowly letting technology take control, as it becomes a necessary in our daily life. Due to this we see our own Big Brother like organizations forming presently which can track our every move, similarly to how Big Brother - the political party which controls Oceania with an iron fist and watches what everyone does using telescreens- can follow Winston's - the protagonist in 1984- every move. Furthermore, similarly to how Winston ignorantly questioned Big Brother's existence, people today question whether these organization actually tracking our every move and are ignorant of what's happening right in front of their eyes. If Erich Fromm was here in present day he would see that people in modern times are slowly becoming automatons without emotion and slaves to our electronic devices, dependent on technology to…show more content…
In 1984, Big Brother manipulated all parts of each person's life from whom they got to marry to what they were allowed to think and say. Currently, dating sites play a key role in approximately 65 percent of marriages, Facebook conduct experiments on trying to control our thought by filtering what we see on our live feed, and Google tries to control our opinions on things by choosing whether positive or negative articles, relating to what we search, will pop up first. Just like the protagonist in 1984, people, in our times, are ignorant and refuse believe that this is happening, preventing the issues from being
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