Response To Recidivism

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The division provides offenders with support mechanisms needed to transition successfully back in to the community, while at the same time monitoring their activity to prevent recidivism. The Division works with the offenders to identify and address underlying problems such as substance abuse, joblessness, and/or mental illness which may have contributed to their criminal behavior. These services are intended to maximize offender success in reintegration into the community, reduce recidivism and increase public safety. The program teaches them to be accountable for their own actions and behavior and to offer a variety of support groups as needed. Day Reporting offenders are required to provide a weekly schedule documenting weekly activities,…show more content…
I believe that everyone deserves a second chance to better him or herself. I would bring a can-do attitude to the DRC/Treatment unit because I know that we can make a difference in the lives of people. I strongly believe in the rehabilitation. I also feel that with proper supervision, educational opportunities, and job readiness skills many of these individual will be able to transition successfully back into the community. I know that recidivism is a major problem in our society. I feel that because human beings are unique/complex creatures our approaches to address this issue must be multifaceted. I believe that the purpose of the DRC is to help individuals to become productive citizens in our community and to help reduce the entrance into “the revolving door”. I will bring years of counseling experience, my ability to interact well with others, my strong communication and organization skills, and my resourcefulness to this unit. I work well with others, am adaptable, and I am quick learner. I am very dependable, and I have years of experience working with diverse groups of people. I am requesting an opportunity for a transfer to the Day Reporting Center/Treatment
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