Response To Teamwork

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My response to a worker who is extremely angry is to approach this person in a calm manner. Ask the person if they would like to take a walk with me or come in to my office for a quiet chat. Let them know that you have observed that there is something wrong. This way they know that at least you have identified that there is a problem. I would then ask what they are angry about. Why they are angry, is there anyone in particular they are angry with or are they angry with themselves and what outcome they would like to see. If the person is angry with a colleague then I would ask these questions. What is the colleague doing to make you angry? Are they not listening to you or are they not being a team player?
When would you like to resolve the issue? How would you like to resolve the issue? You can always talk through any issues. Make sure the person knows and believes that you are there for them.

b. You need to find out what the cause for their stress is. Be empathetic and speak in a calm tone. Find out if the stress is work related. If it is then what is it about work that is stressing them? Is it a project/ assessment or their
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I will most always know when someone at work is upset as I can see it in their face and their eyes. I always make sure that I get eye contact and then give them a look of empathy. I ask them what is wrong and generally they will open up to me and tell me as they know that I am approachable. If there is someone whom I do not know very well, then I need to let them know that they can come and talk to me, I do this again by making eye contact and my body language will show that I am approachable and willing to listen. Always try and communicate that is the answer. If the person feels comfortable enough in talking then go through what is upsetting them. Get to the core of the problem and help them in whatever way you can. This may be as simple as them feeling that they can come to you and discuss issues before they become bigger
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