Response To The Abortion Debate

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The discussion that started in class on October 14, 2012 was in response to the issue of abortion, since both Vice President Joe Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan being Catholics were asked what their position on abortion was and how their views on abortion as Catholics would affect how their administration would deal with the issue of abortion. Biden�s answer was what I found to be quite diplomatic since he one hand stated that he accepted his church�s position on abortion, yet at the same time claimed that just because he has certain views on abortion doesn�t mean he has the right to enforce his beliefs on others who don�t adhere to his faith. Ryan�s response to the question of abortion started out with him saying that he doesn�t see how he can separate his private life from his…show more content…
I�m not sure if I would have used the word hypocritical since saying two different things would definitely be inconsistency rather than hypocrisy, at least to me. However, my personal reaction to the debate didn�t see a problem in what Biden was saying. Just because a person may hold a belief about something doesn�t mean he can�t allow others to feel differently about that very subject. This could exactly be what Vice Presidential Joe Biden was trying to say in his response to the abortion question in the debate. If anything Paul Ryan�s inconsistency should have been addressed in class since he as Joe Biden pointed out during the debate said at one point that abortion should not be allowed even in situations like rape, yet in the debate was saying something else. However, as I observed there were also those, unlike me, who agreed with the professor�s view towards Joe Biden�s take on the abortion
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