Response To The Pros And Uses Of Functional Family Therapy

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Functional Family Therapy:

According to the research, functional family therapy is used to “helping youth and families who are in trouble” (Alexander & Robbins, 2010). This therapy works by changing family interactions and improving relationship functioning as the main source to improving families’ relationship. According to the research, this type of therapy is mainly useful because it provides a comprehensive framework to understanding troubled youth and integrating cognitive interventions and strategies that allows the family to understand their behavior and motives (Alexander & Robbins, 2010). This therapy was also instrumental not only to understand youth, but also to prevent future behavior and “enhance communication outcomes for youth”, with their families (Celinska et al, (2013). Functional therapy was shown to “reduce youth behavioral problems when therapist adhere to treatment model” (Sexton & Turner, 2010). This type of therapy is useful with the Lewis family because the main source of concern for the family is the youngest daughter’s “acting out” behavior. Therefore, this type of intervention should be useful on helping the family understand the youngest daughter motivation for her behavior and therefore improve the way in which the family perceives her.

Multidisciplinary Family Therapy: According to research the goal of MST therapy is to “empower primary caregivers with resources needed to independently address the difficulties that arise in rearing youth
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