Response To Undesirable Life Events

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After reading the article “Husband and Wife Differences in Response to Undesirable Life Events” I saw that the hypothesis the writer was testing is the reaction to negative outcomes based on the events and genders in the lives of married couples. In this study, the dependent variable is the reaction to events by the married couple. The independent variable for this study is the event that occurred that causes stress between the married couple. The article goes in depth about the stresses that the married couples face and which gender is more apt to talk about what is causing the stress. The researchers in the article are trying to figure out how the males and females in a marriage react to certain undesirable life events. The research in the article is qualitative; this is because it is measuring the quality of life between the genders of married couples who are experiencing less than desirable life events instead of a quantity of something. The best way to conduct this research study is the use of case studies. Based on the article, the researchers came up with a great amount of information that carries a…show more content…
The study may have been accurate within their sample, but to relate to real world couples that may not have children or live in more populated areas, this study is way off course. The study also relies on families with the only means of income is agriculture. Having a sample of people only relying on an income from agriculture and farms is not an accurate representation of the undesirable life events that may face across the United States. The researchers for this study have good intentions, but to compare the studies to other families renders the outcome useless. To find more accurate studies on the stresses of undesirable life events that occur on a daily basis for average families the researcher will have to change some of his variables, unless he changes his hypothesis to better fit his study
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