Essay On Response To Intervention

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Response to Intervention This paper focuses on the Response to Intervention. As educators we are hearing RTI more frequently in the school districts than ever before. Many educators and state officials agree that all teachers should know and get to know the benefits and importance of RTI. The most crucial aspect to know is the RTI takes place into the regular childhood classroom; this is not something that just special education teachers need to know. This paper explains the purpose and a brief history of RTI. The paper offers ways that it is beneficial for school districts to implement this research based program. However, as in many systems there are always challenges, the paper briefly discusses some of the challenges that educators…show more content…
As in any research based program there are benefits and challenges. One of the biggest benefits of RTI is it has the ability to transform how we educate all students. When implementing Response to Intervention it helps to treat learning disabilities, identifies students with disabilities, classifies every student’s strengths and targets the specific disability. Perhaps the greatest benefit of an RTI approach is that it eliminates a “wait to fail” situation because students get help promptly within the general education setting. As soon as assessment data indicates a problem area for a student, interventions are put into place to address these concerns. One of the biggest challenges that are occurring is that RTI is still uneven; some districts use it and some do not and because of this it becomes a challenge. There is confusion as to what RTI is and whether schools are required to use. In addition, the evidence based and differentiated instruction is one of the issues in response to education. “Interventions that are research based but not feasible are not likely to be implemented with fidelity, which would undercut the validity of RTI decision making” (Kubiszyn & Borich, 2010,
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