Response to Intervention Research Paper

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Response to Intervention Great things are unfolding in classrooms all across the nation. Students are making strides like never before. Teachers are learning how to pinpoint student needs and to address those needs using research-based instructional practices. Special education resources are being provided to students with learning disabilities much sooner than has ever been possible. What could possibly be the reason? The difference maker is a new approach in education, Response to Intervention, or RTI. This paper will provide a general overview of the three tiers of RTI, as well as how RTI is changing the face of education by providing more options that fall in between general and special education, improving the process of…show more content…
The students placed in Tier One receive research-based instruction in a general education, group setting. This group should be the largest group of the three tiers. After enough time has passed (as determined by the school), all students are assessed again. Any students who were not in Tier One before, but are now struggling, can be placed in Tier One at this time. The students currently in Tier One have three options. If the student is making steady progress, but is still not where he or she should be, that student may stay in Tier One. If the student has shown a good deal of growth, they may be removed from Tier One altogether. However, if the student is still struggling and has shown little to no progress, the student may be placed in Tier Two. This should be fewer students than move the other two directions. The students placed in Tier Two receive research-based intervention in more of a small group setting. The instruction may also target more specific skills. For example, instead of general reading instruction, the student may receive lessons in phonics or identifying cause and effect. After another assessment, all students have the opportunity to move again. Students not yet placed in Tier One can test in and students currently in Tier One can stay, move out, or move to Tier Two, as described above. Students currently in Tier Two can either move back to Tier One, or, if no growth has been shown in Tier Two, they may be placed in Tier Three,
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