Response to Mash and Wolfe, Chapters 3 and 4

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Response to Mash and Wolfe, Chapters 3 and 4 Chapter 3 In Chapter 3, Mash and Wolfe detail the different components of psychological research. First of all, I agreed with their basic definition of research as "a systematic way of finding answers to questions a method of inquiry that follows certain rules" (53). The need for rules is especially important because they allow for scientists to build off of each others' research and establish a scholarly dialogue. The authors also provide a helpful examination into exactly what is needed for an approach to qualify as "scientific" (it must answer an established question and build off preexisting research), although it is unclear how an action could qualify as research without also being scientific. If research involves finding answers to questions in a scientific way that follows rules, it would stand to reason that such an approach is also scientific. The section on different scientific approaches was useful in that it provided a framework for how the reader can apply research principles empirically. However, many of the components that are listed as being necessary for scientific research were redundant and cumbersome to process. For example, reliability and standardization appear to be very similar terms, and it would have been helpful for the authors to more thoroughly describe the distinction between the two components. One of the more illuminating aspects of the chapter concerned the ethical and pragmatic issues

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