Response to Obedience as a Psychological and Moral Problem

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JOHN THORPE ENG 101: QUESTION # 2 DISOBEDIENCE AS A PSYCHOLOGICAL AND MORAL PROBLEM Clean your rooms, do your home work, go to school and get a good education. These are rules rather than orders that most people are given choice whether it is to obey or suffer some sort of consequence, despite not knowing what the consequence are many may choose to obey the order; however the question is, should we obey all orders that are given to us, despite of our moral of ethnical problem with the order that are ordain to us? Regarding this matter of disobedience as being “a psychological and…show more content…
From the mid 1960s through the end of the decade, more than half a million Blacks participated in rebellions that rocked some 300 American cities. More than 60,000 Blacks were arrested, more than 200 were killed, and tens of billions of dollars worth of property was damaged. Despite of the consequences of these acts, humanistic conscience and stirred emotions drove the blacks to disobey the high authority they were cognizant that their entire life have been jeopardize by this unjust law, in other words they were being treat like rejects from another planet, scorned like a plague, and ordered around like a mule on a saddle, hence the introduction the Civil Right Movement that revolutionize worldwide political movements for equality before the laws. This ruckus could have been impeded if they have had some sort of reasoning, however the government being pompous in there thinking and also claiming “omniscience and omnipotent” they clearly lose sight on the outcome and they did not prevail over the crisis that t hey single handedly created, moreover; their laws were over thrown and their high authority openly defied, by those who they may label as rebels and not a type of revolutionist since they so called oppose the natural flow cycle of things. A great instance comes from a recognizable man Nelson Mandela, who stood side by side with his beliefs and humanistic conscience, together with determination and resilience to defy,
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