Response to "On Being An Atheist" by H. J. McCloskey

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McCloskey in his article, "On Being An Atheist" claims that proofs or arguments which theists provide to support their belief “have no weight”. He speaks of this primarily in relation to the ontological argument, the argument which attempts to show that the very concept of God implies his reality. McCloskey believes that there is no point in debating on this particular proof because it has no bearing but the ontological argument serves as the very foundation for other arguments which supports and defends God’s existence. If not for the purpose of proving His existence, the ontological argument is still necessary because it distinguishes the characteristics of God whom we are defending. The first rule of philosophical discourse is clarity …show more content…
Evolution is the development of life and aims to answer how diversity is possible here on earth. It provides scientific reasons on why we see similarities amongst creatures under the same species but is has in no way stated that God does not exist because of this. So it is very wrong to assume that the evolution contradicts design actually it further supports design. Evolution believes that inside every living creature lies a genetic code, DNA structure which contains the genetic make-up of things. This has been passed on from one generation to another and can only be altered on extreme conditions which entail survival. Does he not see design in this process? Does he not see the design towards perfection within the DNA structure of creatures? But of course, these are simply assumptions if I am to accept evolution but in as much as I have not accepted evolution; the scientific community has also rejected this because it lacks sufficient evidence.
McCloskey argues that the Teleological Argument lacks evidence but there is a wide array of undisputable evidence to prove the Teleological argument. The body structure of man is a perfect example of design. Can you think of any better place for the nose to be located? It would be very awful if accidentally found its place underneath our armpit. How about the eyes? It would be a
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