Response to Roderick Nash´s Essay Island Civilization: A Vision for Human Occupancy of Earth in the Fourth Millenum

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In Roderick R. Nash’s essay “Island civilization: A vision for human occupancy of earth in the fourth millenium” he quotes “Of course a change like this one [Island civilization] involves compromises with human freedom.” Nashs plan for the future is to make self-sustaining “islands” of civilization. These civilizations would be clusters of the population, and quite similar to cities. His plan also relies on advanced technology that would not harm the Earth and that the “islands” remain isolated from each other. All food production, manufacturing, sanitation, and other services would take place directly within the civilization. This would mean that we as humans would lose many rights that we have had for hundreds of years such as human…show more content…
It would just all spiral out of control. That's just the legal side of things, their is no doubt in my mind that people would break this law. It's if the government were to outlaw walking, we have been doing it for so long that it just wouldn't work.

Nash explains that according to the terms of a new ecological contract “we would surrender some freedoms like birding cows on the open range or living in a sprawling ski resort.” He says that if you wanted to live in the snow you would have to live somewhere in the mountains but according to where they had a research project on 2000 British citizens it sowed that on average they move 8 times in their lives. So what would happen in Nash's Island civilization? Would are freedom to move be denied? Children would live in the same environment all their lives, personally on of the reasons I love California is if you want to you can go snowboarding in the morning and have a bone fire on the beach at night. People are not going to be ok with giving up a lot of our freedom in order to save wildlife. I honestly think that in another thousand years, society will be more high tech than we could ever imagine but little to no real wild life will be found. As unfortunate as this may be, I think it is what our society
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