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Julia Mitri English 31 Novick 18 September 2011 Ralph Waldo Emerson’s “The American Scholar” Post- Reading Response In Ralph Waldo Emerson’s 1837 address to the Phi Beta Kappa Society at Harvard, called “The American Scholar”, he makes clear his thoughts and ideas on the European cultural and cerebral influence on America. Emerson wanted to get across that American scholars needed to create their own independent American literature and academic world, separate from European history. Emerson uses tone and style to further convey his ideas to the public. The tone that seems constant throughout Emerson’s entire address is a confrontational one. Emerson is confronting the nation on its continuous grip on England and European ways. He…show more content…
1(1)!” by Thomas L. Friedman. I’d have to say that I do agree with Friedman’s argument much more than Herbert’s. Both of these writers were ultimately hitting at the same line of reasoning but the way each approached it varied significantly. Herbert seemed to have a lot of anger directed right towards my generation and I, I believe he is actually going against what Friedman said by “assigning blame rather than assuming responsibility.” I’m not saying that my generation should escape the fault for this increasing issue but it’s just not possible for us to be the sole reason, we’ve got to dig deeper than blame. In Friedman’s article he uses facts to reason his thoughts, he doesn’t just blame Lady Gaga or Snooki like Herbert did. Though each writer approached the issue differently, each shared a common notion; the youth in America needs to change When I first read Herbert and Friedman’s articles I was instantly brought back to Emerson’s “American Scholar.” While these arguments were addressing entirely different issues, they all motivate the same proposal of change. In 1837 Emerson was persuading a nation to separate from their comfortable ways and to become scholarly Americans that would enhance their country. Emerson’s idea was successful and is the base of what America still stands on. Today, we are back to where we were 137 years ago, trying to motivate our country to take initiative and become American Scholars. I
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