Response to Tracy Chapman, Cold Feet

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Reading Response 3 Title: Cold Feet Author: Tracy Chapman Category: Song Lyrics The song Cold Feet by Tracy Chapman is an inspirational song about how our wants and needs can drive us to not only success but also to our graves. The song which was released in 1995 describes the story of how one man had everything he could have dreamt for in life, love, a roof over his head and a loving wife. But naturally in the society we live in not only today in the 21st century but also the society that was mid 1990’s, man desire more to satisfy themselves and others around them. Initially he wanted to give himself more to keep him from suffering the hard times in life; the “Cold Feet”. When he met his wife, he naturally wanted to provide her…show more content…
The song “Cold Feet” is an artistic way of explaining exactly what can happen when one gets too greedy with their life and desires more to show their worth. In the song, Tracy describes of how man always wants to be an honest man and this is shown within the verse of “He'd struggled all his life to be an honest man, Proud that the dirt on his palms was the soil of the land, but some guys he knew from high school days said they had a plan to get rich quick”. This I certainly can relate to as I always want others to be proud of me and proud of what I have achieved in my life so far. If I feel that I have not fulfilled this, then I will work harder to show them that they should be proud. When I first heard this song, I was at a very young age and did not understand what the warning that the lyrics were telling. I continued to work for peoples approval and would do anything to do so, including wanting everything from “the sun and moon”. It wasn’t until listening to the song as a Year 12 student that I was able to understand the meaning behind the lyrics. After listening to the song numerous times, I have now learnt valuable lessons about the life I have been gifted with. I have learnt that striving to succeed the best of my ability is
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