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Response to “On Being an Atheist” By: Casandra Privette In his article, On Being an Atheist, H.J. McCloskey tried to show that atheism is a more reasonable and comfortable belief than that of Christianity. McCloskey argued against the three theistic proofs, which are the cosmological argument, the teleological argument and the argument from design. He pointed out the existence of evil in the world that God made. He also pointed out that it is irrational to live by faith. In my response, I will argue that McCloskey’s article is one-sided and thus flawed in his conclusion that atheism is more comforting than Christianity and when one examines all the evidence, Christianity is truly a source for great comfort today. McCloskey…show more content…
God is all-powerful and can create something from nothing at His will. This was true in the Bible when God created Adam from dust and Eve from Adam’s rib. This could have also been true if God chose to use evolution as His means of creating the universe, which I don’t believe he did. The teleological argument begins from the fact that that the natural world appears to exhibit orders and designs and therefore there must be an intelligent designer. The philosopher, Thomas Aquinas, claimed that many entities in nature act for an end. Examples of this fact are animals, which are self-regulating. They have a will to survive in nature and the skills necessary for this survival. Man’s complex organ structure is another example of the work of an intelligent designer. It is impossible to explain the existence of these wonderful creations as happenstance cell mutation. After all, scientifically speaking, when cell mutation occurs, the results are usually not positive. They result in weaker, defective cells being produced. If man is more complicated than a monkey, how can this be a rational argument? McCloskey also went to great lengths to point out the existence of evil in the world that God made. He indicated that the existence of a perfect all-powerful God and the existence of evil in the world are mutually exclusive. He also stated that Christians

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