Responses To Sexual Rejection

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There isn’t a lot of research done on where the origins of sexual rejection stem form. Women are not usually seen as the ones making the advances like men are. Responses to sexual rejection are different for men and women. A sample of 67 men and 65 women completed a questionnaire filled with hypothetical situations where sexual rejection occurs.
Purpose of Research:
The aim of the study was to discover if responses to sexual rejection varied by gender; how do positive emotions to sexual rejection occur and how do they balance with negative emotions; how are these responses explained? Understanding responses to sexual rejection can help stop them from escalating into lasting negative states such as low self-esteem, depression, uncontrolled
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These guideline include defining: who's involved, planned behavior, and how to perceive and inform others of what is expected. Violations of these guideline illicit many negative responses but can also create positive ones. The sexual scripts that men and women have are not the same because of how they attach meanings to different situations, this is why their responses to sexual rejection vary.
Women were found to be more sensitive to sexual rejection than men. In 1992 three researchers (Metts, Cupach, and Imahori) found that women felt more uncomfortable and would hold back from future sexual advances because of sexual rejection. Then a year later, in 1993 a different team of researchers (Baumeister, Wotman, and Stillwell), discovered that women tend to experience unrequited love as more painful than men did. Women feel sexual rejection on a more emotional level so it affects them later on when they want to make another sexual advance.
The nature between the persons involved also has an effect on the emotional reactions to rejection. When there is mutual sexual interest the response to sexual rejection will be completely different than that of someone you just met. Whether sexual intercourse previously took place complicates how someone would react to sexual
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