Responses to Three Employment Law Encounters Essay

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Responses to Three Employment Law Encounters
Alejandro M. Quiñones Inserni
University of Phoenix
Business Law
January 16, 2013
Dr. Paul-Vilaro Nelms

Fast Serve Inc. is a 25 million company, which employs more than 350 people involved in the direct marketing of branded sports apparel. The company decided to open two online marketing and 10% of the workplace was moved to manage the online distribution. After several months, the company noted that they were being affected by this last measure and was going to have to take steps to ensure that the Company is not affected. I am the senior manager in human resources department and was given the task of having to choose three of six employees for layoffs. As responsible leaders and
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The 1964 civil rights acts protects you from any act of discrimination and this could be detrimental to the company if Haimes says there is a kind of discrimination by the company. After several analyses it was decided to continue with the decision to layoff Haimes although this remains to be seen in court since Haimes joined an association to protect the gay community and will go against us for discrimination by sexual orientation. Sarah Boyd is a lady who has a lot in the company but its overall performance is average and does not have any special achievement, though it is painful for many years working in the company this is the second SELECTED for layoff. We were initially concerned that his age and the Age Discrimination Act could affect our company, but we had doubts that it would go against the company to which he had so much respect and for which he had worked for so many years. After evaluating and analyzing deeply Mrs. Boyd's situation it was decided to talk with her and her supervisor and explain them that layoffs in dispatch are inevitable and work out to make a severance package that is fair and acceptable to Mrs. Boyd and to the company. Jenny Mills is the third selected to layoff; her work is average and has no special achievement. Although his work is satisfactory overall their performance skills are not critical. In spite of that I and the lawyer and other people felt it was the best decision we were afraid there was something that could
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