Responsibilities And Responsibilities Of Mamibeka

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General Manager The general purpose of a manager is to plan and direct all restaurant operations. She has to maintain high standards of food, service, health and safety. She needs to ensure the efficient and profitable business performance of Mamibeka’s.
The Main Job Tasks and Responsibilities are the following:
• She is to set goals and objectives of the business
• Responsible in organizing and monitoring schedule of Mamibeka’s
• She is responsible to set and monitor budgets and analyze budget variances and take corrective actions
• She has to establish and implement financial controls
• Has to mplement and oversee cost cutting measures together with help of the Financial Manager
• Responsible for the training and recruitment of the
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She is the one who is responsible in interpreting reports, budgets and financial statements of Mamibeka’s.

Responsibilities of the job include:
• preparing and interpreting reports, budgets, accounts, commentaries and financial statements
• knows how to do strategic analysis and strategic planning together with the general manager for the betterment of the business
• can analyze pricing and factors affecting performance of the restuarant
• has to records the assets that is recurring in the business
• should analyze pricing and factors affecting performance of the business
• controlling income, cash flows and expenditures within the business
• should manage budgets that is allocated within the business
• plan and monitor restaurant sales and revenue together with the General Manager
• should coordinate with the operations manager and the marketing manager for the budgeting of the expenses in terms of inventories and promotions of

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